Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coming soon!

As I have mentioned we are still under construction. Kristen and I wanted to get the temporary storefront sign lit up to let you all know what's moving into the vacant blog next door! We have great plans and ideas to help all you business owners get THE best exposure, and visibility available. We have plans to help you get the most out of our blog and yours. And we hope to drive as much business as we can to your virtual storefront too.

We are encouraging everyone to give us feedback. Our plans are grand, but we also don't want to throw stars in your eyes if our coming attraction is going to fall flat of your expectations and needs. Tell us what you are lacking in today's new economy. What help do you need, that isn't being offered? How are your vendors falling short on helping you make the most of your product sales, and PROFIT? We want to hear from you! And tell us the experiences you are having with customers!

Thanks, and again stay tuned. We are hoping to have everything up in the next few weeks!!


  1. You guys are FabULous!! I absolutely adore your ideas...and this blog...Well, lets just say...I've jumped on the "Band of Barbies" and I've hiGhJaCkeD your badge!

  2. Love the idea! I am a jewelry designer and need more exposure! I have BIG dreams...and just need a little help to get on my feet!