Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Im being told that it is the middle of summer and the height of "vacation season", (not to be confused with mating or hunting season, recreational sports typically found in the fall.) As a business owner I find that my Tuesday's are actually Saturday's which somehow turn into Wednesday's. You can see how the confusion, disorder and chaos starts, and how the art of multi-tasking becomes a blessing/benediction/disruption as we fade into fall. Isn't it January? Didn't we just celebrate the New Year? How the hell did it become July? This was the year I would get organized and FINALLY have my books in order for the tax season! And yet it is in fact the end of June, I am still not organized, no where near ready for tax season and did I mention, it's vacation season!

Unfortunately I will not be participating in the vacation activities, (a bit of a loner I am). Call me crazy but Im trying to keep my company a float amidst this economic calamity/delay/fiasco, (according to economists, a minor set-back until 2010) so vacationing is not on the calender for us this year! But this is not a disastrous prescription for self-destruction. This is a time to FINALLY get organized, prepare the books (cook the books, who the hell will notice!) and get my humble abode ready for hunting season, I mean fall.

Despite these blighted times through the eyes of those around us we still master it all with ease, grace, and poise, and even manage to give a little back to the community. Like celestial super humans we business owners are a dyeing breed heading to extinction surrounded by a corporate big box mythology. But not to worry. Kristen and I have a plan. A ginormous, colossal plan filled with VERY important ideas! As I have mentioned before we are still ironing out the details. But, we are here to help! We are conjuring up a significant brainchild in the form of a grand movement and reinstating the thrill and joy of being a business owner. The pride in ownership. Not to mention the satisfaction of a job well done! Stay tuned, tune in, pay attention and keep your ears to the ground as more information will be coming available. Make sure you leave us your thoughts, comments and anything in between. How can your business be helped in these times? What things are working, and what is no longer working? Give us your thoughts! We want to hear from you! And follow us to continue getting all the up to date information!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome! Please excuse the mess. We are still getting it all together. Literally! We are so pleased that you have taken the time to stop by. We still have some work to do, but we look forward to hearing from you.

Band of Barbies was created by two fabulous gals, who are entrepreneurs, looking to help other entrepreneurs get exposure, more visibility and create lasting partnerships. We feel that in this day and age there is a pride of ownership in owning your own business, and it can be difficult in these harsh economic times competing against big box stores. Being an entrepreneur means you get very little sleep, you eat in the car, running down the hall, or in a corner (if you are lucky!), you multitask like super woman on steroids (or ritalin, which ever works best for you)running payroll, signing checks, deploying a 1000 questions by the new employee, answering the phone, and emails, all while signing the box that the polite brown uniformed man is eagerly shoving in your face to sign for the damn package! Yes it can be challenging, and frustrating particularly when the ungrateful customer walks through your door explaining that your newly arrived package, from the brown uniformed man, is product that can be found at Marshall's! WTF!

We respect and honor your lack of sleep and mad multitasking skills. It takes courage, will power, audacity, and a whole lot of moxie to weed your way to the top of being BOSS. Especially when your friends say, "Oh it must be so nice to come and go as you please, and do what ever you want because your the boss"!! I will remember these remarkable, simpleminded words when Im dealing with the ignorant Marshall's woman and unclogging the toilet while my roof is collapsing in because the idiot next store decided to power wash his dry wall. Its good to be BOSS!

So this ladies is for you, and us. There is something to be said for those of us who can pull our sleeves up and find pleasure and gratification in the all american dream. So have a seat, grab a martini, and join the cause!

Leave us your thoughts and comments. As we build our community we will feature your business's, promote your product, offer advertising, and post about how fabulous as cotton candy you are!