Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Art for the sake of Art

I remember a year ago my hair stylist telling me she didn't understand the "hype" over art, and she did not understand the concept of spending thousands of dollars on an art piece. I told her that every piece was unique and each piece doesn't effect everyone in the same way. While on a trip to Arkansas my stylist went to a small folk town and visited the local shops. She was immediately smitten with a sculpture in an art studio totaling more than three thousand dollars. She had never encountered anything that moved her so much. She said her knees went weak, and she had tears in her eyes. She said the emotion, movement, and feeling it gave her was indescribable. At that moment she joined the obsession, Art for Arts Sake. To this day she admires that piece in her bedroom. The feeling has not changed, and she is so respectful now of all things art.

One of my most passionate obsessions is art. I can't exactly afford this obsession, but luckily I can admire it from afar. Art can take on so many meanings, and so easily move you, simply because of the color, movement, or arrangement. I have started commissioning local artists to show their work in my studio. Two of my favorites are Marabeth Quinn and Kirk Seufert.

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